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Sun Oven - Cook Anything, Anywhere, with Just The Sun!

This is a prepping "All Star" folks. If you've never heard of a sun oven, it's really just what you'd think. It's a device that lets you cook anything you want as long as you have a partly sunny to fully sunny day. It requires absolutely no electricity, works in any temperature (even winter), and is capable of reaching cooking temperatures of 350 + degrees. It is also capable of boiling/sterilizing water if you need to do so.

This is my primary way to cook after hurricanes or during power outages. I even use it to cook during "good" times. I set it up to slow cook chickens, chili, etc. during family gatherings or while swimming. It allows you to quickly bake items at high temperatures or slow cook food over a whole day by using it as a slow cooker (think crock pot). I also regularly use it to dehydrate fruits for snacks. It truly can be a set it and forget it cooker to use during good times and bad, on camping trips and during emergencies, or just when you feel like experimenting for some delicious fun!

Check out the pictures below and my YouTube video if you'd like a better look at it and to watch me demo it by making some chocolate chip cookie bars! I've also linked to a few different models below if you'd like to check them out...


All American Full Size Sun Oven

Go Sun Fusion Full Size Solar Oven


Go Sun Portable Solar Oven


13” for All American Sun Oven

* I am a part of the Amazon Affiliate program and will receive a small commission if you use my links. The price will NOT increase for you if you use my links, but I will definitely appreciate the support.

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