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Solar Water Heater - Use for Emergencies and Camping!

Have you ever had to bathe in cold water when camping, during a power outage, or emergency repair to your shower? I have, and it sucks! So, I decided to build myself a portable solar hot water heater that was small and portable yet very effective. I unfortunately had an opportunity to use it when my shower tile developed a leak and my shower was out of commission for a while. It worked much better than I expected and can see myself using it on camping trips and other emergencies in the future.

This $100 (at time of build) project can produce 110+ degree water in a 5 gallon bucket in about an hour on a partly sunny to fully sunny day! It utilizes a small 10 watt solar panel, 5 watt submersible pump, some copper and flexible 1/4" tubing, and a few other miscellaneous parts. It's a very simple build and very satisfying to use when you need it to provide some of that good old hot water comfort.

I have included a few pictures and a parts list below. If you'd like to see a more detailed description and a demo of it actually working, please see my YouTube video


Copper Tubing (¼ inch x 50ft)

12V 5 Watt Submersible Pump

10 Watt Solar Panel

18 AWG Wire

Wire Connectors

Toggle Switch

Silicone Sealant

* I am a part of the Amazon Affiliate program and will receive a small commission if you use my links. The price will NOT increase for you if you use my links, but I will definitely appreciate the support.

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