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Solar Freezer System for Preppers or Fighting Inflation

This is yet another solar powered project I designed and built to both prepare for emergencies and to fight the current rise in food costs due to inflation. It took me two weekends to build. One weekend to mount my solar panels and a second to build the electrical portion. It is a simple build at a reasonable cost (in my opinion) for peace of mind and saving on food prices!

It allows for 24/7 operation of a 7cu ft. chest freezer and has power to spare in the event that I need to cook something with a rice cooker, heat water with a kettle, run a TV/Radio, or charge/run a power tool. It even has a monitoring system built in to inform me if I have a power failure or the freezer fails so the contents of my freezer don't spoil and cost me the rather large investment I've made in its contents!

Check out the pics and if you're interested, I have photos and a basic schematic of my system below. If you decide to build it, it's fairly simple and mine has been working full time for several months. It's a very versatile system that should offer years of use! Good luck and have fun! YouTube video at

Parts list and links below...

Parts list:

210 Watt Solar Panels (If you cant buy used)

40A MPPT Charge Controller

Battery Cells

* Build Battery Yourself

BMS for Battery (no Wi-Fi)

Retail Battery w/BMS (no WiFi)

* Plug and Play -EASY

Wireless Temp Humidity Sensor

*Monitor Inside freezer

Wireless gateway for Sensors

*Push Alarms to Cell Phone

50A Breaker

120A Breaker

1200 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

12V Fuse Block

Battery Monitor

Wires 2AWG (lengths vary)

Wires 4AWG (Lengths Vary)

Wire 6AWG


* I am a part of the Amazon Affiliate program and will receive a small commission if you use my links. The price will NOT increase for you if you use my links, but I will definitely appreciate the support.

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