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My Mission Statement - Why Do I do this

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

So, why did I decide to build a website and create YouTube videos? The answer is very simple. Living in Florida, I have had to endure many a heavy thunderstorm and downright nasty hurricanes. I have a family to take care of and even though we purchased a modest amount of basic hurricane supplies each year, I found that it was no fun sitting around for hours with no air conditioning, sweating all day, drinking plain water, eating canned tuna and whatever other food or treats we had in the pantry. Believe me, the good stuff like cola and candy runs out quick. The worst part is having bored teenagers who can't be on their phones, playing their gaming consoles, and are constantly complaining about the heat and being bored.

This, along with other recent events, such as the hurricane in Puerto Rico, the winter storm in Texas, and the recent global pandemic made me want to step up my prepping game and get serious about providing not only a decent environment, but to be able to provide almost any creature comfort we desire even if the power is out or we get stuck at home indefinitely. I wanted to thrive instead of just survive. I called upon my experience in the US Air Force and 20 years as an electronics technician and engineer. I've come a long way and am still learning as I go.

My hope is to supply some of the knowledge I've acquired through my experience, including many successful projects and some failures, to all of you out there. I completed many hours of design work, planning, and eventually successfully implementing the projects, ideas, and procedures you will see on this site. I would definitely feel a deep sense of satisfaction if my hard work can in some way help other like minded people be more prepared to help themselves and their families. I would also encourage you to share anything you've learned along the way which may help others who visit this site. Full disclosure... this is my first website and I still maintain a full time job. I will do my best to keep the site active and am counting on participation from all of you!

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