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3360 Watt Solar Generator Build - BIG Portable Power

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

So, living through hurricanes can be quite uncomfortable not only during the storm, but after as well if power is lost. I decided to build my own Solar Generator (see my YouTube video) because I couldn't find one available on the retail market that could provide the capacity I needed to run a 5000BTU window air conditioner overnight. When dealing with everything associated with the aftermath of a big storm, solid rest (not sweating and sticking to your sheets) is invaluable!

The first step was to purchase battery cells and build my own 12v 280Ah LifePo4 battery so I had enough power to run the AC (or an entire living room full of electronics) for a full day or night. Then I properly sized all of the components in my design for safety/functionality, bought a big roll-around tool box, bought all of the components and got to work. The outcome was beyond my expectations.

Once fully charged (via solar panels or AC charger), I can run my AC all night keeping one room in my home cool so everyone can escape the heat for a while. I can run an entire living room (65" LED TV, Cable Modem, Wireless Router, X-Box, Laptop(s), and of course a fan) for 12+ hours. Party! I can boil water with a portable electric kettle to cook or sanitize for drinking. I can cook using a pressure cooker, rice cooker, etc. If I were in a cold climate, I could run a small electric heater for comfort.

The bottom line is that this generator was relatively easy to build (if you are in any way handy), provides a ton of power and functionality, and is about the third of the cost of a retail unit of comparable capacity. If you are interested in building one, watch my YouTube video and give it a shot! I promise you won't be sorry!

Here are some pictures, a basic schematic of my build, and a parts list with links:

Parts List:

210 Watt Solar Panels (If you cant buy used)

40A MPPT Charge Controller w/ MT50 Display

Battery (4 x 3.5v 280AH cells)

BMS for Battery

50A Breaker

120A Breaker

1200 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

12V Fuse Block

DC Fan

12V to 9V Step Down

Recessed Power Outlet Strips

Wires 2AWG (lengths vary)

Toggle Switches

LED Landscape Lights 5 Watts

Solar Panel to Charge Controller Connector


16AWG Wire for 12V Accessories

Ready to Use Retail Solar Generators – If You're Not Up to Building Yourself

2000 Watt Solar Generator

1000 Watt Solar Generator

240 Watt Solar Generator

* I am a part of the Amazon Affiliate program and will receive a small commission if you use my links. The price will NOT increase for you if you use my links, but I will definitely appreciate the support.

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