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Yes, I'm a prepper with a very technical background and an interest in helping others.

I served in the US Air Force and then spent almost 20 years as an engineering consultant traveling the world working and conducting training for many corporations and government agencies that are household names.

I grew up and live in Florida, USA and have experienced many hurricanes, and of course, the recent pandemic.  These events made me realize I was not fully prepared to take care of myself or others for an extended period of time if I ever had to.

I have since dedicated my spare time to preparing for these type of emergencies.  I want to share my knowledge of electrical systems such as solar, old school mechanical technologies, and other prepping methods and strategies to help other people better prepare to take care of themselves and their loved ones during these types of emergencies.

Please explore the blog, maybe learn something new, and share your own thoughts and ideas to help others.

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